Fusion Builder Mobile Layout Creator( FBMLC ) - A Fusion Builder Addon by WPSQR

Getting Started


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Note that the plugin is available only on CodeCanyon.

Author: WPSQR
Created: Sunday, December 4, 2016


FBMLC allows you to customize the appearance of fusion builder elements in mobile devices. It will allow you to have multiple columns in a row in mobile devices. For example, with FBMLC you will be able to show 3 buttons in one row in mobile devices.

Installation Requirements

  • You must have Wordpress and Avada 5.0 (or higher) installed on your website.
  • Your hosting server must have a memory limit of at least 128MB.
  • Your hosting server must have a maximum execution time limit of at least 300 seconds.

Plugins Installation

1. To install the plugin from your Wordpress dashboard access the Plugins menu.

2. Click Add New button.

3. Click Upload Plugin button.

4. Unzip the plugin package you downloaded from CodeCanyon and select the fusion_builder_mobile_layout_creator.zip file by clicking the Browse... button.

5. Once plugin is installed activate it by clicking the Activate Plugin button.

How to Access plugin

This plugin is only available for Posts, Pages and Portfolio post types. This is available on top right corner of the screen.

Plugin Use

To access this plugin,

  1. Go to FBMLC submenu under Settings, then enter the "Upper Limit" and "Lower Limit" Fields.
    Note: For example, if you choose Upper Limit to be 800 and Lower Limit to be 300, then for any device with size ranging from 300px to 800px, it will show mobile layout of the page/post/porfolio.

  2. Edit your page/post/portfolio.
  3. Then go to "Fusion mobile layouts section" (on the top right corner) and select some existing page/post/portfolio from the drop down or create a new layout for mobile view by clicking on either "Create mobile layout with content" or "Create mobile layout"
  4. Note: "Create mobile layout with content" will copy and import the content of the desktop layout of page on to the newly created page for mobile layout, while "Create mobile layout" will only create a new page for the mobile layout and does not import any content from the desktop layout page.

Mobile layout with content:

Mobile layout without content: